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Use Case

Streamline Building Customer Trust

The hard work is done. You executed for a year, completed pen tests, passed an audit, and have your compliance certification. Now your sales team is sending you weekly requests and end-of-quarter flurries for security documentation.

Remove yourself from the process to focus on compliance management and allow sales to close deals faster.

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Streamline Customer Trust

Comply includes Rooms, a sales enablement solution that helps compliance and sales teams build customer trust by making it easier to respond to VSAs and allowing customers self-serve access to security documentation.

Simple Invitations

Allow your sales team to invite customers to your self-serve documentation portal simply by sharing a link or sending an email.

NDA Gated & Open Access

Set documents to be available without a NDA and have documents which require the customer to complete the built-in NDA signing process.

Automatic Watermark

Each document is automatically watermarked upon download, preventing documents leaking

Build Customer Trust

Start eliminating the manual work of security and compliance now.

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