Use Case

Streamline Building Customer Trust

The hard work is done. You executed for a year, completed pen tests, passed an audit, and have your compliance certification. Now your sales team is sending you weekly requests and end-of-quarter flurries for security documentation.

Remove yourself from the process to focus on compliance management and allow sales to close deals faster.

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Streamline Customer Trust

Fragmented processes cause delays

Companies that pursue compliance programs like SOC 2 and ISO 27001 need to distribute that documentation to their sales prospects and respond to VSA requests.  Questionnaire responses, document creation, and distribution are fragmented across sales, security, legal, and customer success, and systems like Docusign, email, Jira, and Salesforce

The Trust Challenge

Streamline Customer Trust

Comply includes Rooms, a sales enablement solution that helps compliance and sales teams build customer trust by making it easier to respond to VSAs and allowing customers self-serve access to security documentation.

The Trust Solution

Simple Invitations

Allow your sales team to invite customers to your self-serve documentation portal simply by sharing a link or sending an email.

NDA-Gates and Open Access

Set documents to be available without a NDA and have documents which require the customer to complete the built-in NDA signing process.

Automatic Watermark

Each document is automatically watermarked upon download, preventing documents leaking

Use Compliance to Sell Smarter

Aptible Comply gives you analytics that track which documents your customers and prospects are viewing and downloading so you can understand how your compliance program is affecting your business at the customer and deal level.

Rooms Dashboard

Sales Intelligence

Leverage tracking and analytics to understand engagement from your customers & prospects.

See what parts of your security posture your customers value.

Analytics Dashboard

See which of your customers is engaging with your security documentation

Gain insight into which security documents are most viewed and downloaded

Automatic Watermarking

See document uploads, downloads, version changes, and room visits in one place

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