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Streamline Audits

Audits are milestone events but preparing for them doesn’t have to be a sprint. With Comply the work that happens on a daily basis is easily transformed into the packet you provide an auditor.

With a single source of truth for your compliance program and automation to make implementing controls easier, audits happen faster with less stress.

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Test Once, Use Many

Duplicating evidence collection and other control implementation activities are a thing of the past with Comply. Just test your controls once and use the resulting evidence everywhere it applies.

Evidence Attached to Controls

Proving that controls have been implemented is difficult when evidence is stored separately from the control it was collected for. With Comply, evidence is attached directly to the Control.

Controls Cross-mapped

Many controls exist across frameworks. Collecting evidence of the control’s implementation once and using it everywhere it applies is automatically done through Comply’s cross-mapping.

Simple Workflow and Collaboration

Comply provides a single source of truth of your entire compliance program. Build a unified data model of controls, people, devices, applications, vendors, risk, and more.

Automated Evidence Collection

For decades implementing security controls has been entirely manual work. Now that the cloud has made it easy to connect services, compliance can utilize data to automate some of the most laborious and menial tasks.


Tickets in Comply provide a powerful way to automate recurring compliance tasks. With Basic Recurring tickets you’re able to create tickets purely based on a schedule. With Asset Based tickets you’re able to create individual recurring or event-based schedules for any asset.

Evidence Request Lists

Upload your auditor’s request list and easily track the progress of tasks that need to be completed until your list is 100% satisfied. When complete, just hit export and your auditor gets a perfectly organized file with everything they need.

Simplify Collaboration

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