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Determine Vendors Trustworthiness

Companies today have more vendors, with more customer data, and more opportunity for breaches than ever before. In the cloud era of compliance understanding your vendors security practices and managing your vendor risk is critical.

Comply makes it simple to manage vendors through their entire lifecycle.

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Streamline Vendor Management

For decades implementing security controls has been entirely manual work. Now that the cloud has made it easy to connect services, compliance can utilize data to automate some of the most laborious and menial tasks.

Assessing Vendors

Comply provides a simple vendor assessment process so you can gather information, classify data, and assign a risk score. All your information is stored in your compliance source of truth for future vendor assessments and reviews.

Onboarding Vendors

Use Rooms to simplify adding vendors to your inventory as well as their security documentation. Once the record is created you can add contracts and other critical onboarding information.

Vendors Maintenance

Simplify the process of implementing your controls for vendor management by automating the process. Schedule and assign recurring reviews, collect evidence, and keep documentation updated with everything conveniently connected to each other.

Terminating Vendors

When it’s time to terminate a vendor, Comply makes it simple to assign tickets to collaborators and then mark the vendor as inactive once completed.

Build Customer Trust

Start eliminating the manual work of security and compliance now.

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