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Manage Vendor Risk

Companies today have more vendors, with more customer data, and more opportunity for breaches than ever before. In the cloud era of compliance understanding your vendors security practices and managing third party risk is critical.

Comply makes it simple to manage vendors through their entire lifecycle.

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“We needed a solution that would help us automate our vendor management process and reduce the level of effort needed to determine vendor risk. Aptible Comply has helped us do that and put our vendor management on rails.”

- Scott Eigenhuis, Head of Security


Easily Monitor Third Party Risk

Lower the effort required to understand what third party risk you're taking on, and decide how to mitigate or avoid it.

Comply provides an Intelligent Vendor Inventory that visually represents your vendors' risk scores and a simple vendor review process so you can gather information, classify data, and assign a risk score.

Monitor Vendor Risk

Intelligent Vendor Inventory

Comply's vendor inventory allows you to categorize your vendors by risk level, associated SaaS system, staus, department, and much more. It also acts as a centralized link to the rest of your vendor management process while providing a visual representation of risk as determined by your vendor reviews.

Guided Vendor Review

Comply walks you through the process of initial and recurring vendor reviews with preset, best practice task suggestions and integrations with existing ticketing systems. Comply makes it easy to understand how far along you are in the review process and automatically documents review-related activity and team member comments so you have an auditable paper trail for each review.

Automatically updated

As you update the information associated with your vendor, your vendor inventory automatically reflects that with your systems, activity, and evidence conveniently connected.

Automate Vendor Workflows

Put your vendor management workflows on autopilot by providing a simple way to automate and track ongoing vendor-related tasks.

Create once, use forever. With Procedures you can create a ticket, assign it an owner, and have it be automatically created for recurring reviews and vendor follow-up tasks.

Automate Vendor Workflows

Automated ticket templates

Comply ensures that onboarding, offboarding, and recurring review tasks are automatically assigned so that your team isn't scrambling before an audit or when something changes with a vendor.

Follow up reminders

Comply reminds your team to complete outstanding follow up tasks like ensuring that a vendor has made requested changes or requesting updated reports and certifications.

Easy collaboration

Comply makes it simple for everyone involved in the vendor management process to access and understand and complete the tasks assigned to them.

Workflow visibility/consolidation

The entire workflow for a vendor relationship (from start to finish) lives in a single place so your team and auditors can easily see exactly what has been done.

Simplify Vendor Assessment

Eliminate manual vendor assessments with white glove assessment creation and automated distribution of security questionnaires.

Create assessments with open-ended questions that help you properly assess security posture.
Focus on more important tasks while Comply handles the follow up needed to get assessments answered and ready for review.

Simplify Vendor Assessments

White-glove Assessment creation

Comply helps you get up and running quickly by loading all of your assessments during onboarding so you're ready to assess your vendors on day 1.

Automated distribution and tracking

Comply automates all of the back and forth required when issuing an assessment to a vendor. Comply notifies your vendor of the assessment, guides them through the process of responding, and reminds them to complete and submit when neccessary. Comply notifies you when an assessment is ready for your review and handles the process of requesting further information or clarification on any responses that you flag.

Open-ended & customizable

Comply doesn't limit you to yes/no questions or multiple choice. Comply is designed for open ended questions so that you can customize your questionnaires to fit your business needs. You can ask the right questions in the right way to ensure you're confident in your vendor's security posture.

Create a Single Source of Truth

Make it simple for your team manage vendors by bringing all of your vendor activity, data, and tasks together in a single tool. Categorize vendors by status and risk to easily prove your vendor management control implementation.

With Comply your vendor inventory, reviews, assessments, activity, and evidence collection are all managed in one integrated platform.

Create A Single Source of Truth

Everything in one place

Comply makes it easy to import vendor data and tie all of the activity, tasks, and evidence related to the vendor management process together so that everything you need is accessible in a few clicks.

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