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Use Case

Create a Single Source of Truth

Whether you’re using spreadsheets, documents, and sharing tools MacGyvered together or a traditional GRC software your controls and policies are strewn across many files and places.

Make compliance management easier with all of your controls and policies listed in one place and cross-mapped to every framework. Comply is your single source of compliance truth.

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Customizable ISMS

Sophisticated yet simple document management lets you build your ISMS in Comply. Each control is fully editable, version controlled, and permissioned to enable requiring approvals.

Simple Cross-mapping

Simple like a spreadsheet but powerful like a database, the Comply interface makes it easy to map your policies, controls, requirements, and frameworks.

Gap Analysis

See what’s preventing you from achieving your next compliance certification. Simply view your controls by framework to perform a quick gap assessment.

Connected Controls

Your controls are connected to the relevant policies, tickets, evidence, and risk making it easy to implement your controls and prepare for an audit.

Build Customer Trust

Start eliminating the manual work of security and compliance now.

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