How does Enclave enforce memory limits?

Aptible enforces memory limits on containers running on shared infrastructure, and will soon enforce them on dedicated infrastructure as well (note that we’ll notify you as a customer before enabling memory limits on your infrastructure).

In the rest of this document, we’ll refer to this feature as memory management.

How does memory management work?

When memory management is enabled on your infrastructure and a container exceeds its memory allocation, the following happens:

  1. Aptible sends a log message to your Log Drains (this includes aptible logs) indicating that your container exceeded its memory allocation, and dumps a list of the processes running in your container for troubleshooting purposes.
  2. If there is free memory on the instance, Aptible increases your container’s memory allowance by 10%. This gives your container a better shot at exiting cleanly.
  3. Aptible sends a SIGTERM to all the processes in your container, and gives your container 10 seconds to exit. If your container does not exit within 10 seconds, Aptible sends a SIGKILL and terminates all the processes in your container immediately.
  4. Aptible restarts your container. The container is restored to a pristine state prior to restarting, just like if you had run aptible restart.

What should my app do when it receives a SIGTERM from Aptible?

Your app should try and exit gracefully within 10 seconds.

If your app is processing background work, you should ideally try and push it back to whatever queue it came from.

How do I know the memory limit for a container?

You can view the current memory limit for any container by looking at the metrics provided in your Dashboard. This is available both for databases and app containers.

How do I increase the memory limit for a container?

For app containers, you can update your memory limit via the Dashboard.

For database containers, please contact support (increasing the memory footprint of a database involves downtime, and the Aptible team will work with you to coordinate a good timeframe).

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