How do I set up Travis CI to deploy to Enclave?

Deploying from Travis CI is easy on Aptible! We recommend the following approach:

  1. Create a “Robots” role in your Aptible organization, and grant it “Read” and “Manage” permissions on your production account.
  2. Invite a new deploy user to this Robots role. It needs to have a real email address, but can be something like
  3. Generate an SSH key pair for the deploy user (you can do this via: ssh-keygen -f deploy.pem). Don’t set a password for the key, since that won’t work well on Travis.
  4. Accept the invitation for, activate the account, and upload the public key from Step 3 on your Aptible User Settings page.
  5. Encrypt the private key and store it in the repo, using Travis’ instructions. We recommend the “Automated Encryption” method, using the Travis CI command line tool.
  6. Add a custom deploy step, following Travis’ instructions. It should look something like:
  - chmod 600 .travis/deploy.pem
  - ssh-add .travis/deploy.pem
  - git remote add aptible$ENVIRONMENT_HANDLE/$APP_HANDLE.git
  - git push aptible master

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