How do I run scheduled tasks (cron jobs) on Enclave?

On Aptible, cron jobs run as another service associated with your app, defined in your app’s Procfile.

To illustrate, we’ve set up a GitHub repo with an example of how to add cron jobs to your app.

To summarize the GitHub example:

  1. Add a crontab file to your repo, and install it at /etc/crontab in your Docker image, by adding the following directive to your Dockerfile:

    ADD files/etc/crontab /etc/crontab
  2. Then, add a new cron process to your Procfile, which just runs cron -f. In the GitHub example, we run a special script,, in order to log the output of all cron jobs.

Another option for running scheduled tasks on Aptible is to use the Whenever gem. More on that approach over here.

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