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Why Aptible

Reliable DevOps Without the Overhead

Aptible fully manages and monitors your infrastructure, scaling to your needs as you grow so your team can focus on building great products without ever having to think about infrastructure.

Container Management Dashboard in Aptible

Deploy and Manage Your Dockerized App With Ease

Aptible makes deploying and configuring your Docker app easy and painless.

Result of running Aptible Deploy command


Flexible Deployment Options

Choose the deployment option that works best for you, be it having Aptible build a Docker image from your code to run, or deploying from an existing image registry like AWS ECR and DockerHub.


Safely Rollback Deployments When You Need To

When encountering a failure during a deployment operation, Aptible automatically restores your architecture to the last known good state.


Integrate Aptible With Your Existing CI/CD

Automate deployment and resource management in your CI/CD pipelines through developer-friendly CLI commands or by using the Aptible Terraform provider for infrastructure-as-code management.


Deploy with Zero Downtime

Aptible Deployments are optimized for availability by ensuring new containers only go live after passing health checks.


Provision Major OSS Databases In a Single Click

Instantly provision and scale Elasticsearch, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, or SFTP containers on Aptible.

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"Aptible has made it easy for us to manage our infrastructure. We are able to scale and upgrade our app without needing to worry about configuration details and downtime."
Principal Software Engineer

Monitor and Scale Your App On-Demand

As your App's usage grows, Aptible scales with you. Aptible helps you to monitor container metrics and scale your infrastructure on-demand without ever having to worry about any underlying configurations or constraints.

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One-click Vertical and Horizontal Container Scaling

Easily scale your app and database containers, both horizontally and vertically without having to ever worry about capacity availability.


Zero-configuration Container Metrics

Easily view container performance metrics like memory and CPU load, database IOPS, and disk usage in the dashboard, or aggregate and analyze them in third-party monitoring tools like Datadog.


One-click Logging Setup

Route container logs to logging destinations either in Aptible or externally to third-party providers for review, alerting, and archiving.


Deploy with Zero Downtime

Aptible Deployments are optimized for availability by ensuring new containers only go live after passing health checks.


Resource-aware Container Scheduling

As you scale up, Aptible ensures containers are allocated efficiently across your EC2 instances.

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"We literally wouldn't be in business without Aptible. Aptible handles almost 90% of my DevOps requirements. This frees precious developer resources so that they can do what they love to do - develop great software."

Deploy and scale your App on Aptible.

Don't spend another minute building for compliance without first talking to Aptible.

Minimize Downtime And Deliver High Availability

Ensure your end users never have to experience a moment of downtime with Aptible providing you with all the required features to ensure high availability, with a guaranteed SLA of 99.95%

99.95% Uptime dashboard for apps deployed on Aptible


High Availability (HA) Container Distribution

Contaienrs for horizontally-scaled Apps and Databases are automatically deployed across separate AWS Availability Zones, maximizing the availability of your application.


Automatic Cross-Region Backups

Aptible takes automatic daily backups of your databases, and distributes those backups across geographically separate regions.


Simplified Database Replication

Aptible makes Database replication (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis) or clustering (MongoDB) for high-availability setups painless.


Automatic Container Recovery

Containers that exit unexpectedly are restarted automatically, ensuring uptime even if your app crashes.


Automatic Intermediate Backups

Aptible automatically enables data integrity controls for database types that support it (e.g. PostgreSQL write-ahead logs; MySQL binary logging; Redis RDB backups; MongoDB journaling, etc).

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"We've used Aptible to host our application for ~3 years now. During this time we've scaled flexibly, experienced zero down time, and have been privy to tremendous, timely support when we've needed it."