Secured by Aptible

Aptible empowers engineering teams to bring products to market faster by implementing and operating all of the rigorous infrastructure security controls required to comply with regulatory frameworks and pass security audits.

The table below highlights the full list of security and availability controls provided by Aptible directly or through our infrastructure provider, AWS.

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Security & Availability Controls
Provided by Aptible
  • 3Access Management×
  • 6Auditing×
  • 8Availability×
  • 4Encryption×
  • 4Network Protection×
  • 4Vulnerability Management×
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Security Controls Provided by
Amazon Web Services
  • 3Infrastructure Security×
All Controls
Multi-factor Authentication

Protect your Aptible accounts with both token-based 2FA and FIDO U2F security keys.

Access Management provided by Aptible

Centralized Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Reduce access issues and manage access to your Aptible services with simple role-based permissions.

Access Management provided by Aptible

Log in With Single Sign-on

Seamlessly manage your team's access to your Aptible account by enrolling Aptible with your SSO provider.

Access Management provided by Aptible

Platform Activity Logging

Aptible aggregates all of your team's activity into a Weekly Activity Report

Auditing provided by Aptible

Centralized Container Logging

Aptible log drains capture and route container logs to your logging provider. The Aptible CLI also allows you to stream logs to a local console in real time.

Auditing provided by Aptible

SSH Session Logging

Aptible log drains also capture and route SSH session activity to your logging provider for additional auditing an analysis.

Auditing provided by Aptible

Host Intrusion Detection

Aptible monitors the underlying EC2 instances in your stacks for potential intrusions, such as unauthorized SSH access, rootkits, file integrity issues, and privilege escalation. The Aptible Security Team responds on your behalf 24/7 to investigate and resolve issues as they arise.

Auditing provided by Aptible

Network Intrusion Detection

Aptible monitors your VPC for potential network intrusions and proactively responds on your behalf 24/7.

Auditing provided by Aptible

Drift Detection

Aptible ensures that the configuration of your environment is hardened to avoid unintentional or unapproved configuration changes.

Auditing provided by Aptible

24/7 Site Reliability and Incident Response

The Aptible SRE Team monitors your infrastructure 24/7 and responds to host and network incidents on your behalf.

Availability provided by Aptible

Automatic Container Recovery

Aptible containers that exit unexpectedly are restarted in pristine condition, ensuring uptime even if your app crashes.

Availability provided by Aptible

DDos Protection

Aptible VPC-based approach means that most stack components are not accessible from the Internet, and cannot be targeted directly by a DDoS attack. Aptible SSL/TLS endpoints include an AWS Elastic Load Balancer, which only supports valid TCP requests, meaning DDoS attacks such as UDP and SYN floods will not reach your app layer.

Availability provided by Aptible

High-availability (HA) App Deployment

Aptible automatically deploys horizontally-scaled app and database containers across separate AWS Availability Zones, to ensure high availability.

Availability provided by Aptible

Database Replication and Clustering

Aptible simplifies replication (PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis) and clustering (MongoDB) databases in high-availability setups.

Availability provided by Aptible

Automatic Cross-Region Backups

Aptible takes automatic daily backups of your databases, and distributes those backups across geographically separate regions.

Availability provided by Aptible

Automated Backup Testing

Database backups are frequently tested to ensure restoration viability.

Availability provided by Aptible

Zero-downtime Deployments

Aptible automatically performs zero downtime rolling deployments when you release your app.

Availability provided by Aptible

Database Encryption at Rest

Database volumes are encrypted at rest using AES-256 with Aptible-managed keys.

Encryption provided by Aptible

End-to-end Encryption in transit

Traffic is encrypted all the way from your endpoints to your app and database containers using strong TLS ciphers.

Encryption provided by Aptible


Aptible endpoints can automatically redirect all HTTP traffic to HTTPS.

Encryption provided by Aptible

Standards-compliant TLS Configuration

Aptible ensures that insecure versions of TLS and weak TLS cipher suites are never used on your TLS endpoints.

Encryption provided by Aptible

Application Endpoint Filtering

Protect internal tools or admin panels by restricting access to your application to an IP allow-list

Network Protection provided by Aptible

Database Endpoint Filtering

For databases with an external endpoint, Aptible allows you to restrict access to a set of allow-listed IP addresses or networks, and block all other incoming traffic.

Network Protection provided by Aptible

Network Segregation

Your infrastructure on Aptible is isolated to its own private VPC and is not directly accessible by the Internet.

Network Protection provided by Aptible

Secure Network Architecture

Network access to public-facing EC2 instances is configured via Security Group rules that are reviewed and enforced by the Aptible Security Team on a regular basis.

Network Protection provided by Aptible

Docker Image Vulnerability Scanning

The Aptible Platform proactively scans your Docker images for vulnerable system packages and alerts you of any addressable vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Management provided by Aptible

Host Hardening

Aptible host operating systems are hardened to disable unnecessary services and limit surface area for attacks.

Vulnerability Management provided by Aptible

Web Application Vulnerability Scanning (DAST)

Applications deployed on Aptbile are continuously scanned for vulnerabilities such as SQL injection and Crosss-site Scripting.

Vulnerability Management provided by Aptible

Kernel Vulnerability Management

The Aptible Security Team patches kernel vulnerabilities and other host- and network-level issues on your behalf.

Vulnerability Management provided by Aptible

Hypervisor Security

Aptible uses a custom version of the Xen hypervisor that limits guest OS privileges. AWS is responsible for patching and maintenance of the hypervisor.

Infrastructure Security provided by AWS

Port Scanning Protection

AWS monitors for unauthorized port scanning activity and blocks it when detected.

Infrastructure Security provided by AWS

AWS Shield DDoS Protection

Aptible stacks benefit from AWS Shield Standard, a managed Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection service that defends against most common, frequently occuring network and transport layer DDoS attacks that target your web site or applications.

Infrastructure Security provided by AWS

Spoofing and Sniffing Protection

The AWS hypervisor only delivers traffic to the EC2 instances that the traffic is addres to, preventing sniffing. AWS's host-based firewalls do not permit instances to send traffic with a source IP or MAC address other than their own.

Infrastructure Security provided by AWS

Physical and Environmental Controls

Aptible runs on AWS, which provides robust, ISO 27001 certified physical and environmental security for data centers.

Infrastructure Security provided by AWS

That leaves just 4 steps for your engineering team…

Application-level Controls

You are responsible for implementing security controls in your app business logic, such as authentication, app-level access controls, and audit logging.

Web App Vulnerability
Scanning and Patching

You are responsible for detecting and mitigating vulnerabilities in your Aptible apps.

Web App Dependency Management

You are responsible for managing your apps' dependencies (e.g. package.json, Gemfiles, etc.) and patching vulnerabilities. You may use Aptible App Security Scans to detect potential issues with system packages installed in your Docker images.

Protection of Credentials,
Tokens, Secrets

You are responsible for managing your passwords, API keys, and other secrets. You may use Aptible environment variables to store sensitive information and configuration.

Security and Compliance as
a Differentiator

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