Gridiron Compliance Model

The Gridiron Compliance Model describes how Gridiron transforms complex security and compliance tasks into manageable and repeatable business processes.

Aptible Gridiron helps software engineering teams stand up and scale information security programs. With Gridiron, your team can become HIPAA-compliant or ready for SOC, ISO, or PCI certification in days, not months.

Gridiron breaks down complex frameworks into clear business processes, providing you with powerful tools that reduce security and compliance risk while saving you time. This begins with a review of your operations, which generates a Risk Analysis that informs:

Policies and Procedures in response to the threats and risks identified in the Risk Analysis. Security and Privacy Training relevant to your Policies and Procedures, distributed to relevant team members. And, finally, feedback into your Operations to help you maintain security and compliance over time as well as handle any incidents that arise.

This process is further illustrated in The Gridiron Compliance Model.

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