Production Readiness Reviews

We want to ensure our customers are set up to maximize reliability and cost-savings. That’s why we are committed to offering Production Readiness Reviews (PRRs) for all customers with a dedicated stack.

What is a PRR?

A Production Readiness Review (PRR) is a process through which you can work with an Aptible CRE to review your application's architecture using best practices for reliability that Aptible has gathered from our ongoing experience with our customers. These best practices will help to proactively avoid disruptive issues and will provide you the tools necessary to quickly diagnose and remediate problems relating to your application thereby ensuring that your applications are ready to provide the best experience for your customers.

What does the PRR cover?

The PRR covers three stages in your Aptible journey - planning, operation and monitoring. In the Planning stage, you will receive guidance on managing user access, establishing appropriate network boundaries, principles for grouping resources, and deployment best practices. In the Operation stage, you will receive guidance on configuring apps, scaling services, managing endpoints, vulnerability scanning, and database management. In the Monitoring stage, you will receive guidance for setting up monitoring of common errors and metrics.

What is the PRR process?

There are two parts to the PRR process. First, we will share a pre-assessment with all the best practices we recommend with an explanation for why each one is important. Second, one-on-one time with an Aptible Customer Reliability Engineer (CRE), after you have completed the pre-assessment, to review the results of your assessment and discuss additional recommendations.

Upon successful completion of the PRR and CRE approval, Aptible will provide you access to Urgent Support at no additional cost. You will have 24/7 access for urgent priority requests and an Aptible engineer will follow-up within one hour of the request being made.