Instant HIPAA, HITRUST and SOC 2 Compliance with $5,000 in Free Credits

Accelerate your startup journey and bring secure, compliant applications to market faster by hosting and running them on Aptible. With $5,000 in credits, you can run your containerized applications and databases for free on Aptible for up to 6 months.*

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AWS Activate + Aptible = Budget-Friendly Peace of Mind

Aptible saves you valuable engineering time by automating and enforcing all the needed infrastructure security controls required to satisfy a variety of regulations and security frameworks such as HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC 2. Using Aptible means you'll be compliant and audit-ready from day one.

AWS Activate enrolled startups can avail $5,000 in free credits to deploy and manage applications and databases on the Aptible development platform, so you have the peace of mind knowing your workloads are secure, compliant and reliable with little effort from your teams, at startup-friendly costs.

Security Readiness dashboard on Aptible

Instant compliance and audit-readiness

Get to HITRUST, HIPAA and SOC 2 faster by hosting your applications and database on Aptible’s fully managed infrastructure with automated and inheritable compliance controls baked in.

Secure, resilient host, middleware and network architecture

Remove the work of architecting your infrastructure for secure development, and abstract away the drudgery of constantly scanning and remediating your host and network for vulnerabilities with Aptible’s built-in and fully abstracted network and host vulnerability management.

Reliable, failsafe DevOps without the overhead

Aptible fully manages and monitors your infrastructure, scaling to your needs as you grow so your team can focus on building great products without ever having to think about infrastructure.

24/7 security and SRE support

Have the confidence to quickly develop and launch secure apps and databases with a world-class team of reliability and security engineers offering you support along the way, all the while constantly scanning and remediating any issues in the underlying infrastructure on your behalf.

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"Aptible helps me sleep better at night. It handles all the DevOps and offers turnkey HIPAA compliance in the cloud. Aptible allows us to feel confident we're able to use the cloud safely with PHI. Everything we need is automatic."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become eligible for these credits?

Businesses have to show proof of active AWS Activate membership. Submit your info and a member of the Aptible team will reach out with more information.

Do these credits expire?

The credits expire 45 days from signing up if you’ve not activated an Aptible Dedicated Stack. If a Dedicated Stack is activated within 45 days of signing up, the credits last indefinitely until you exhaust them.

What do these credits go towards?*

Aptible is an application development and hosting platform, with a focus on security and compliance. The Aptible pricing model is a pay-as-you-go subscription model primarily based on utilized compute resources, encrypted disk storage, backups and the provisioning of a Dedicated Stack.

Learn more about Aptible’s pricing.

On average, with $5,000, customers can expect to run their workloads on Aptible for free for 4-6 months. This duration can be longer or shorter depending on the volume of your compute and storage utilization.

What is a Dedicated Stack?

A dedicated stack is a deployment environment where you are the sole tenant, to which Aptible automatically applies and maintains the required security configurations and SLAs needed for security, compliance and availability. Each Aptible dedicated Stack runs in its own private VPC. Dedicated Stacks are ideal for when customers want to ingest regulated data like PHI, ensure HIPAA and HITRUST compliance, or have stringent availability and business continuity requirements.