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What is the Aptible Owner’s Manual?

Aptible was founded by engineers and lawyers. It’s not a coincidence that our work lies at the intersection of those two fields, and that we love precision and clarity.

Our goal with the Aptible Owner’s Manual is to help you, as a current or prospective member of the Aptible Team, get a clear sense of what this team is — what we mean by “us.”


The Aptible Team at our First Annual "Onsite" in 2019.

You are an owner of Aptible. This is your guide to how our various business-, culture-, and team- building efforts fit together. Our goal is to clearly explain why each exists and what we’re looking to get out of each effort in one place, so you don’t have to learn about each piece bit by bit, or not at all.

As an owner of Aptible, this is your company, your team. This manual is your manual. All of the programs and efforts here are your programs. We invite each of you to comment, criticize, and improve this. Tell us what’s missing. Tell us what’s not working. Tell us how we can make the experience of working and contributing to Aptible better.

This manual is divided into three sections:

1. Our Business

  • What is our Mission and Vision? Why are we all here? Why Aptible?

  • What’s our business model? How does the business work?

  • How do we operate?

2. Our Culture

  • What kind of team are we trying to build?

  • What are our shared values?

  • How do we approach work?

  • What kind of environment are we trying to create?

  • How do we work together as a team?

3. Our Team

  • Who does what?

  • What are our key responsibilities?