HIPAA certified + secure infrastructure from day 1

Hundreds of the most innovative digital health companies bring secure, compliant applications to market faster and continue to scale their business with Aptible.

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Deploy a HIPAA-compliant app.

Aptible’s PaaS implements and manages the operation of all your infrastructure, security, and compliance. Aptible automates and enforces all the needed infrastructure security and compliance controls required to safely store or process HIPAA-protected health information. With Aptible, your operations are compliant and audit-ready from day one. Get the peace of mind knowing your workloads are secure, compliant and reliable with little effort from your teams.

Deploy a HIPAA-compliant app.

Security and compliance dashboard

A Readiness Dashboard provides continuous evidence of your infrastructure's security and compliance. And you can generate a Security Summary Report that details the design and performance of your infrastructure security controls.

Security and compliance dashboard

Fully-managed cloud application security and compliance

Aptible ensures cloud application security by implementing all of the rigorous infrastructure security controls required to comply with regulatory frameworks and pass security audits. See the full list of security and availability controls provided by Aptible directly or through our infrastructure provider, AWS.

How Aptible Works

Launch your project

1. Launch your project

Give Aptible your code via git push or point at a Docker registry and be up and running without any work or config. Everything from provisioning databases to setting environment variables all fall to Aptible.

Grow w/o complexity

2. Grow w/o complexity

All the platform features you need without the infrastructure headache. Managed Databases, metrics and logs that are both easy to find and use, and an expanding list of common framework and starter templates to support your every use case.

Hit Enterprise scale

3. Hit Enterprise scale

Performance, reliability, and scalability are baked into the Aptible platform. Easily toggle between horizontal and vertical scaling, or leave it to Aptible to optimize. Reliability is ensured with Zero-downtime Deploys, Instant Rollbacks, High Availability Deployment, Managed Database Backups, and more.