Still on Heroku? It’s time for something better

Run in your own cloud. Designed for reliability and scale. Purpose-built for scaling companies and enterprises who want to deploy, manage, and scale apps effortlessly.

Heroku has its strengths, but if you demand more than just app deployment, and value scalable infrastructure with a pricing model that provides more value at scale, superior support, robust security and compliance features, then Aptible could be a perfect fit.

Heroku-like automation in your own AWS

Own the infrastructure and avoid vendor lock-in. Aptible handles everything else — database provisioning, environment variables, server management, database scaling, and more.

Easily deploy any type of app, no work or config from your teams needed. Build, code, and deploy faster than ever with Aptible’s ready-to-use environment, automated deployment, and baked-in security.

Heroku-like automation in your own AWS

Scale without the exponential costs

Scaling your infrastructure shouldn’t mean you have to pay exponentially more for compute and data costs, nor should it mean paying for more DevOps and infra engineer salaries.

Using Aptible means you won’t ever have to deal with:

  • Painful infrastructure costs when your business hits a new level of growth
  • Completely re-engineering your app because providers deprecate APIs or services you use
  • Monitoring dozens of APIs and deployments to ensure your app is performant

Companies migrating off of Heroku to Aptible have significantly cut their hosting spend.

Scale without the exponential costs

Fully-managed cloud application security and compliance

Paying for Heroku Shield to get their highest security and compliance controls?

Aptible treats compliance and security as first-class features. Aptible implements all of the rigorous infrastructure security controls required to comply with regulatory frameworks and pass security audits.

See the full list of security and availability controls provided by Aptible directly.

Fully-managed cloud application security and compliance

Considering graduating off Heroku? We can help

White-glove migration

Turn-key migration is included at no extra cost. Our team will work with you through all the considerations, help set up your stack, and ensure your transition to Aptible is seamless.

Run in your own cloud

Aptible handles all infrastructure operations: zero-downtime deploys, instant rollbacks, managed databases, and more.

Our platform is production-ready from day one and ready to handle your most critical needs.

Easy infra, no matter your size

We care about ensuring your infrastructure is solid and your apps perform.

Dependencies? Minimized. Scaling? Horizontal and vertical. Observability? Yep, just without all the troubleshooting.