Lightning-fast app deployment

Deploy code in 90 seconds—without the pains of building and managing infrastructure.

Build your app, not the infrastructure

Just give Aptible your code (via git push or point at a Docker registry) and Bob’s your uncle: Your app is live.

Aptible handles everything. Database provisioning, environment variables, julienne fries. Easily deploy any type of app, no work or config from your teams. 

Even better, an infrastructure team is not required. Aptible handles all your server management, database scaling, and infrastructure management. We’ll even walk you through the process.

Build, code, and deploy faster than ever with Aptible’s ready-to-use environment, automated deployment, and baked-in security.

Build your app, not the infrastructure

Scalable from day one to year 100

Aptible scales with your app usage and handles all the back-end updates. Using Aptible means you won’t ever have to deal with:

  • Painful infrastructure migrations when your business hits a new level of growth
  • Infinite auto-scaling causing heart-stopping usage bills from temporary anomalies
  • Completely re-engineering your app because providers deprecate APIs or services you use
  • Monitoring dozens of APIs and deployments to ensure your app is performant

With Aptible, all your teams have to do is build and deploy. We’ll handle the rest.

Scalable from day one to year 100

Eliminate infrastructure worries

How Aptible Works

Launch your project

1. Launch your project

Aptible handles all infrastructure operations: zero-downtime deploys, instant rollbacks, managed databases, and more.

Our platform is production-ready from day one and ready to handle your most critical needs.

Security and compliance without the work

2. Security and compliance without the work

Aptible automatically complies with HIPAA, SOC-2, GDPR, CCPA, and HiTrust. 

Compliance is so integal to our platform that you literally cannot design your way out of it.

Easy infra, no matter your size

3. Easy infra, no matter your size

Whether you’re a large enterprise or a small business, we care about ensuring your infrastructure is solid and your apps perform. 

Dependencies? Minimized. Scaling? Horizontal and vertical. Observability? Yep, just without all the troubleshooting.