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Effortlessly create and share risk reports execs will love.

Create beautiful risk reports simply by logging risks. Comply automatically assigns risk value based on likelihood, impact, and mitigation data.

Companies that trust Aptible

Start logging risks with a few clicks.
Demonstrate the efficacy of your mitigations.
Easily log your risk and set your company’s risk tolerance. Comply then automatically assigns risk value based on likelihood, impact, and mitigation data.
Prioritize top risks and map existing controls to evidence which risks are currently treated. When additional action is required log a risk, the treatment ticket pushes to Slack and/or Jira.
Track how your risk logging activity impacts your company’s overall risk score in terms of impact and likelihood. A convenient play button lets you track changes over time as the bubbles in the grid animate with each update.
Easily share your Report to your Room in Comply, restricting access levels however you see fit. Viewers can see how your mitigation efforts have decreased your risk level over time.

Review risks the easy way.

Sharing risks with your board, management, and auditors is simple with Comply. Easily share the full risk list or beautiful reports.

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Security is our business

We know how important data security is. It’s not just what we help you with, it’s also core to how we operate.

Product Features

Data encryption
  • Data transfers between users and the Aptible platform are secured using industry-standard encryption methods.
  • Data within the Aptible production databases is encrypted at rest.
  • Aptible supports the industry-standard SAML 2.0 protocol for authentication using an external identity provider.
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Aptible supports 2FA with Time Based One Time Passwords (ie Google Authenticator) and with hardware token (ie YubiKey).

Our Compliance


ISO 27001