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Keep track of all of your people assets and their groups.

G Suite

Integrating with G Suite enables Comply to keep track of your users, the assets they have access to, and their permission levels.

Automate Asset Inventory

By syncing with G Suite, you'll keep your "People" and "Roles" up-to-date in Comply. Tickets can automatically trigger whenever there are new assets detected - for example, Comply can automatically trigger your Employee Onboarding procedure whenever a new person is detected in G Suite, or your Employee Offboarding procedure whenever a person is deprovisioned.

Automate Evidence Collection

Check for 2FA

Every month, Comply will scan your G Suite users to ensure that 2FA is enabled and produce evidence to use in an audit.


MFA Policy

Ensures account has multi-factor authentication enabled.

  • A.9.3.1
  • A.9.4.2
  • CC6.1
  • 164.312(d)

How to use Aptible and GSuite

  • Automatically trigger onboarding and offboarding tasks based on changes in employee status
  • Automatically match user access grants to authorizations during user access control reviews
  • Automatically check users for 2FA enabled
Assets synced
  • Groups
Domains Automated
  • Identity & Access Management
Frameworks Automated
ISO 27001:2013
Requirements Automated
ISO 27001:2013
Use of secret authentication information
Users shall be required to follow the organization’s practices in the use of secret authentication information.
ISO 27001:2013
Secure log-on procedures
Where required by the access control policy, access to systems and applications shall be controlled by a secure log-on procedure.
Logical and Physical Access Controls
The entity implements logical access security software, infrastructure, and architectures over protected information assets to protect them from security events to meet the entity's objectives.
Standard: Person or Entity Authentication (R)
Implement procedures to verify that a person or entity seeking access to electronic protected health information is the one claimed.
Integration scopes
  • Read: People
  • Read: Groups