HIPAA Compliance Guide

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HIPAA Compliance Guide
What is HIPAA? What is a HIPAA BAA?
General Administrative Requirements
Subpart A
General Provisions
Subpart B
Preemption Of State Law
Subpart C
Compliance and Investigations
Subpart D
Imposition of Civil Money Penalties
Subpart E
Procedures for Hearings
Administrative Requirements
Subpart A
General Provisions
Subpart D
Standard Unique Health Identifier For Health Care Providers
Subpart E
Standard Unique Health Identifier For Health Plans
Subpart F
Standard Unique Employer Identifier
Subpart I
General Provisions For Transactions
Subpart J
Code Sets
Subpart K
Health Care Claims Or Equivalent Encounter Information
Subpart L
Eligibility For A Health Plan
Subpart M
Referral Certification And Authorization
Subpart N
Health Care Claim Status
Subpart O
Enrollment And Disenrollment In A Health Plan
Subpart P
Health Care Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) And Remittance Advice
Subpart Q
Health Plan Premium Payments
Subpart R
Coordination Of Benefits
Subpart S
Medicaid Pharmacy Subrogation
Security and Privacy
Subpart A
General Provisions
Subpart C
Security Standards For The Protection Of Electronic Protected Health Information
Subpart D
Notification In The Case Of Breach Of Unsecured Protected Health Information
Subpart E
Privacy Of Individually Identifiable Health Information

General Administrative Requirements   >   Procedures for Hearings

§ 160.530 Sanctions

The ALJ may sanction a person, including any party or attorney, for failing to comply with an order or procedure, for failing to defend an action or for other misconduct that interferes with the speedy, orderly or fair conduct of the hearing. The sanctions must reasonably relate to the severity and nature of the failure or misconduct. The sanctions may include–

(a) In the case of refusal to provide or permit discovery under the terms of this part, drawing negative factual inferences or treating the refusal as an admission by deeming the matter, or certain facts, to be established;

(b) Prohibiting a party from introducing certain evidence or otherwise supporting a particular claim or defense;

(c) Striking pleadings, in whole or in part;

(d) Staying the proceedings;

(e) Dismissal of the action;

(f) Entering a decision by default;

(g) Ordering the party or attorney to pay the attorney’s fees and other costs caused by the failure or misconduct; and

(h) Refusing to consider any motion or other action that is not filed in a timely manner.

HIPAA Regulations

§ 160.528: Motions

HIPAA Regulations

§ 160.532: Collateral estoppel