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Aptible Professional Development Budget

We are a team of learners. At Aptible, we care deeply about fostering an environment where you’re challenged to grow and given opportunities to deepen your understanding of our industry and your area of expertise. To this end, we offer each employee an annual Professional Development Budget of $3,000 USD to use towards experiences that improve you professionally and inform your work at Aptible.

Examples of how one might use their Professional Development Budget include:

  • Participation in a Training/Workshop (e.g. Reforge, IDEO University — Storytelling, etc.)
  • Attendance at a Conference (e.g. RailsConf, JSConf, AWS re:Invent, etc.)

In the spirit of Teaching as Learning, we encourage everyone who uses their Professional Development Budget to bring their knowledge back to Aptible by sharing it openly with colleagues — whether by writing documentation, delivering a presentation, or crafting a blog post about your experience, for example.

How to use the budget

  1. Discuss with your Manager and secure their approval of the use case(s) you have in mind. Programs that exceed the budget can be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have received manager approval for an expense exceeding $3,000, please forward the approval to Finance (Yujie) to request the appropriate increase to your Divvy credit card limit.
  2. Accept your invitation to Divvy (if you haven’t already done so) and log in to view your virtual card under the Professional Development budget to pay for the expense. Refer to the below articles on how to use Divvy:
  3. Following the instructions per the Confluence articles linked above, attach your invoice and receipt (proof of purchase) to the transaction in Divvy.


We have an open policy with regards to ordering books under $100 USD that are relevant to your work at Aptible. We simply ask that you spend Aptible’s money as if it were your own, and do what’s in the best interest of the company.

Once you’re ready to make your selections via Amazon, our default vendor for this purpose:

  1. Accept your email invitation to the Aptible Amazon Business Account. (If you need one, please ping Yujie)
  2. Browse and add the selected items to your cart in our Amazon Business account.
  3. Indicate where you want these items shipped.
  4. To pay, please choose the credit card ending in 2848 on the ‘Select a payment method’ screen
  5. Submit your order for approval via Amazon. (This goes to the Finance Team.)
  6. Please email the receipt to finance@aptible.com.