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Parental Leave Policy


At Aptible, we are excited to offer Paid Parental Leave of 14 Weeks at 100% Base Pay. We believe that every member of the Aptible Team deserves fulfilling work and close family ties — and that you should feel fully empowered to take care of your family and yourself.

We believe, too, that what we do in practice is more important than what we say in this or any policy. We want every parent to take full advantage of this benefit, although how you choose to do so — in one continuous session, or in multiple sessions over the course of a year, for example — is entirely your decision to make.

The United States is the only industrialized country in the world that doesn’t guarantee Paid Parental Leave. Nearly 1 in 4 employed women giving birth in the United States returns to work within 2 Weeks. And within the 9% of work sites in the United States that do offer Paid Leave to men, 76% of fathers return to work within 1 Week. At Aptible, we support you in building your family, and want you to take leave without fear that doing so could negatively impact your career.

We designed this policy for all new parents, with fairness and equity at its core. As such, we have intentionally avoided the use of gendered terminology (e.g. “Maternity Leave,” “Paternity Leave,” etc.), as well as distinctions between “Primary Caregiver” and “Secondary Caregiver” commonly made in other Parental Leave policies.

Lastly, please note that we see this as a starting point, and aspire to be an employer that actively helps shape how companies think about Parental Leave. We plan to re-evaluate this policy yearly, within the context of the resources we have and the pressures we face as a company to succeed in our market environment.

Should you have any feedback or questions about this policy, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Leadership Team. We’re here with open ears and open doors.

Paid Parental Leave (“Paid Leave”)

We offer and encourage all eligible employees to take Paid Leave of 14 Weeks at 100% of Base Pay. During Paid Leave, you will continue to receive your base salary in accordance with our standard payroll procedures. If applicable, commissions may also be paid based on performance in the quarter prior to or overlapping with the start of your Paid Leave, with a cap at 100% of plan. For example, if in the quarter prior to starting Paid Leave you achieved 85% attainment, you will be compensated at the same rate while on Paid Leave. Upon return from Paid Leave and going forward, your commissions will be based on current performance only.

While on Paid Leave, you will continue to receive all employee benefits previously provided on the same terms as an active employee and will remain eligible for salary increases. When you are ready to return from Paid Leave, the Company will attempt to reinstate you​ to your former position or one with equivalent pay, benefits, and other employment terms. You are entitled to reinstatement, however, only if you would have continued to be employed had Paid Leave not been taken. For example, you are not entitled to reinstatement if, because of a layoff, reduction in force or other reason, you would not be employed at the time you seek to return to work. Further, if you fail to return to work at the end of the approved leave period, you will be considered to have voluntarily resigned, effective as of the day following the last day of the authorized leave period.

Returning from Paid Leave

We understand that, for many reasons, 14 Weeks may not be enough. We also want to support your transition and help you return successfully to work. As such, you may request additional weeks of Unpaid Parental Leave (“Unpaid Leave”) or a Part-Time Work Arrangement, subject to the approval of your Direct Manager.

Paid Leave Period

You may choose to begin your Paid Leave before the expected date on which a child joins your family.

Paid Leave does not need to be taken in one continuous session. You may choose to take Paid Leave and Unpaid Leave within 1 year after a child joins your family.


  • Paid Leave is available when a child joins your family, regardless of whether that happens by: Birth, Adoption, Foster Care, or Guardian Care.
  • Paid Leave is available regardless of whether you are: Single, Married, or in a Domestic Partnership.
  • Paid Leave is available if you have been a Full-Time Employee at Aptible for at least 6 Months (180 Days) before the start date of the Paid Leave (“Start Date”). If you’ve been a Full-Time Employee at Aptible for fewer than 6 Months, Paid Leave is available on a prorated basis, and taking leave in more than one session doesn’t mean you’re eligible for a greater pro-rated Paid Leave at a later time within the 1 Year after a child joins your family. For example, if the period from your first day of employment (“Start Date”) to the first day of Paid Leave is 60 Days, you will be eligible for 5 Weeks (4.7 Weeks, Rounded) at 100% Base Pay (60 Days / 180 Days x 14 Weeks) + 9 Weeks (14 Weeks - 5 Weeks) of Unpaid Leave.

Requesting Paid Leave

Please notify your Direct Manager via email of your intention to take paid Leave as soon as is practicable, ideally 30 Days prior to the first day of Paid Leave, if possible.


U.S. Federal Legislation

  • The Family and Medical Leave (FMLA) entitles eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for specified family and medical reasons with continuation of group health insurance coverage under the same terms and conditions as if the employee had not taken leave.
  • This policy supplements your FMLA Benefits, but does not supersede the need for a separate FMLA policy for covered employers. ​Parental Leave runs concurrently with, and will be applied to, any qualifying Family and Medical Leave to the extent consistent with applicable law. Please contact the People Operations Team for more information.

U.S. State Legislation

U.S. Short-Term Disability (STD) Benefits

Eligible employees may apply for short-term disability benefits. Short-term disability benefits are in addition to the salary continuation provided under this policy. Please contact your Direct Manager for more information.

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