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Onboarding at Aptible

Quickstart Guide

Welcome to Aptible! We are so excited you’re here.

We created this guide with the intent to organize onboarding around a central launchpad. This Quickstart Guide will cover all of the basics for incoming team members including systems setup and getting up to speed on our strategy as well as an overview of your first few weeks at Aptible. As a supplement to this guide, certain roles also have role-specific guides, more on that under Role-Specific Guides.

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Initial Setup
Company-Wide Systems & Tools
Primary Slack Channels
Your First Few Weeks
Role-Specific Guides

Initial Setup

Once your laptop has shipped, you will receive an email from our Operations team with tracking information as well as the Aptible New Hire Setup Guide which covers initial setup steps and a high-level overview of the onboarding process. In order to get started you’ll need to have two things on-hand:

  • Aptible MacBook - should arrive within the week prior to your start date
  • Okta invitation (access management) - should be in your personal inbox on or before your first day

Once Okta is set up you will be able to access your Aptible Gmail inbox where you will find calendar invites to meet with members of the team, invitations to access other systems and another important setup resource:

  • Onboarding Checklist - should be in your Aptible inbox on or before your first day. This is a Google Sheet containing action items for your first day/week at Aptible.

As soon as your laptop is set up and you have access to your Aptible inbox, locate the invitation from Jamf to enroll your laptop in device management per Day 1 requirements below.

Company-Wide Systems & Tools

These are systems every team member, unless otherwise noted, will have access to, interact with, or need to set up.

  • 15Five - Performance management and feedback
  • 1Password - Secure password management
  • Amazon Business - For purchases under the Newptible or Professional Development budgets
  • Aptible - For security trainings company-wide and for technical roles, also management of resources hosted on Aptible
  • Confluence - Additional internal documentation
  • Divvy - Credit card and expense management
  • Ethena - Compliance training
  • GitHub - For access to handbook-internal and other repos company-wide and for technical roles, also for software development
  • Google Workspace - Productivity and collaboration; Gmail, G Drive, etc.
  • Gong - Call recording and analytics
  • Jamf - Device management for your Aptible MacBook and Aptible iPhone. You will accept an invite to enroll your devices but will otherwise not likely interact with Jamf frequently.
  • Little Snitch - Network monitoring. You will install and enter a license key to activate but will otherwise not likely interact with Little Snitch frequently.
  • Okta - Access management
  • Redash - Analytics/BI
  • Shortcut - Task and ticket management
  • Slack - Chat client
  • (If U.S. Based) TriNet - Payroll and benefits provider (PEO)
  • (If U.S. Based) Vanguard - 401k provider, eligibility begins immediately. You will be authorized to sign up on our account automatically shortly after first payroll but can be authorized sooner on request to People Ops (currently: Taylor & Yujie) if needed.
  • Zoom - Call hosting

Primary Slack Channels

This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all Slack channels as there are a number of #auto- channels, channels created temporarily for sprints/projects, private channels, etc. however this list covers the “staple” channels all team members should expect to be in or have access to.

  • #customer-success - where we discuss strategy, feedback, questions, troubleshooting and more for our existing customer base
  • #general - company-wide announcements and discussion
  • #engineering - where engineers discuss in-progress projects, share tips, respond to incidents, etc.
  • #high-five - an auto channel connected to 15Five, a tool we use for feedback
  • #onboarding - the place to raise and discuss any questions or feedback that may come up during your early days at Aptible
  • #operations - where the Operations team (currently Henry, Taylor, & Yujie) collaborates, also the place to raise questions or make requests of our Operations team
  • #product-and-design - where we discuss product and design changes, decisions, feedback from customers and prospects and more
  • #sales-and-marketing - where we discuss sales and marketing strategy, testing, questions related to our sales and marketing stack and data, etc.
  • #security - the place to raise and discuss security incidents and requests such as increased permissions to sensitive systems
  • #whats-up - casual chat, our “random” channel

Your First Few Weeks

By End of Day 1

There are a handful of key tasks which must be completed by your first day at Aptible:

  • As soon as your laptop is set up and you have access to your Aptible inbox, locate the invitation from Jamf to enroll your laptop in device management. Restart your laptop for Jamf to enable FileVault and other managed settings.

  • Download Little Snitch for network monitoring, locate the license key in your personalized Onboarding Checklist G Sheet to activate, and send a screenshot of Little Snitch running to itops@aptible.com.

  • (If U.S. Based) In TriNet, complete payroll and benefits setup, read and sign the TriNet employee handbook and complete Section 1 of USCIS Form I-9. I-9 Section 2 (verification of identity and authorization to work) will be completed live with People Ops (currently: Taylor & Yujie) generally on your first day but no later than your 3rd day in accordance with USCIS requirements.

By End of Week 1

Our shared goal is to complete all action items in your Onboarding Checklist by the end of your first week at Aptible unless otherwise noted. Beyond your Onboarding Checklist, there are a few other tasks to work through during your first week, outlined here.

  • Meet with your manager to discuss your initial projects and areas of focus and/or your 30/60/90 plan. Create your first story in Shortcut from your projects or areas of focus.

  • Watch 1-2 recent All Hands calls in Gong. Decks are linked out from the event details of the bi-weekly recurring event in Google Calendar.

  • Watch the current product overview (on the Aptible homepage) and new Aptible for IaaS product demo to familiarize with the current state and future vision of Aptible.

  • Watch 1-2 recent customer discovery calls

  • Poke around Redash (requires IP allowlisting per Onboarding Checklist) to familiarize yourself with metrics, finances and more. Our KPI, PLG Funnel, and MRR, ARPA & Churn Overview dashboards are a great place to start.

  • Watch the Finance Brownbag to learn more about how Aptible operates from a financial standpoint.

By End of Week 2
  • Get ready for your AMA (Ask Me Anything), to occur during your first or second company-wide meeting dependent on the timing of your start date. There’s no need to formally prepare, however People Ops (currently: Taylor & Yujie) will share a few questions with you (and sometimes a request for images) ahead of time so you can give them some thought. We’ve found it fun to share images with the team to enhance interactivity and when possible, get the team to guess your responses!

  • Familiarize yourself with Aptible Handbook and provide feedback to help us improve or better yet, submit a PR for suggested improvements directly!

  • Meet with 2-3 new coworkers outside of your direct team. Suggestions include our CEO, Frank Macreery, our COO, Henry Hund, a member of Customer Success if you’re an engineer, an engineer if you’re a member of Customer Success, etc.

By End of Week 3
  • Complete your first Shortcut story (may not necessarily be the first story you created).

  • (Temporarily on hold as we work to revamp the materials) Participate in Aptible 101 and Aptible 102, presentations led by members of the team designed to increase engagement, familiarize you with our history as a company, introduce you to our strategy and more.

Role-Specific Guides

Additional guides specific to certain roles at Aptible will be posted in the near future. The handbook-internal repo is non-public, you will need to log in to GitHub in order to access.