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Aptible Mission & Strategy


Our proprietary Platform as a Service has helped hundreds of companies pass customer and compliance audits. Our PaaS hosts applications and databases for our customers, ensuring that infrastructure-level security controls are met and maintained at all times. We expect our PaaS will continue to be an excellent option for many companies to easily gain the confidence of deploying secure infrastructure.

But, it’s undeniable the pace of change occurring within cloud infrastructure. The list of capabilities of the big public infrastructure providers (like AWS, GCP, Azure, and even more focused offerings like MongoDB Atlas) continues to expand, with ever-new ways to manage cloud applications and databases. AWS alone has more than 200 services hosted in 80+ Availability Zones.

With this backdrop, we recognize a significant opportunity for Aptible: in order to have the maximum impact, we must meet developers where they are by helping them to secure the cloud resources they select for a particular job, regardless of which cloud infrastructure provider they choose.


Aptible helps developers do their best work by empowering them to use any cloud infrastructure securely.


Deliver the best way for developers at digital health startups with little to no DevSecOps expertise or capacity to provision, monitor, and test any resource in any cloud environment to ensure their infrastructure always meets rigorous security and compliance requirements. Then, figure out what it will take to provide value to developers at companies with various levels of DevSecOps expertise across various industries.