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How We Work

Aptible’s ability to achieve its mission is contingent on building an exceptional team and ensuring that team performs at a high level. As a result, we’re committed to constantly improving how we operate.

Fundamentally, we work towards scaling good decision making across the company. We do this by investing in our team—building strong leaders—and creating clear accountability. We are building a great company because it is the best way to ensure we succeed.

Keith Rabois, former executive at PayPal, LinkedIn, and Square, compares the work of building a great company to building a high-performing engine. It will take years for us to achieve our mission, and over that time we seek to make the “engine” perform better, leading our company to execute more effectively and efficiently. That’s why we invest so heavily in working towards improving the way we do things.

Focus and leverage are foundational concepts to how we operate. We create focus by committing to a few ambitious goals each quarter, and review them and progress towards meeting them constantly. We create leverage by continuously working towards more effective communications management practices.

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  1. Communication Norms
  2. Goal Setting
  3. Sprint and Project Management
  4. Using Shortcut