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Aptible Values

Value Everyone’s Responsibilities Manager Responsibilities
360º accountability
* Accomplish a lot that’s valuable to Aptible and its customers
* Are reliable to your colleagues and to our customers
* Seek what is best for Aptible, not just yourself or your team
* Make decisions collaboratively and communicate progress transparently
* Improve Aptible by asking questions of and providing timely feedback to colleagues, managers, executives
* Seek to achieve the desired outcome, not just task completion
*Take your “seat at the table” by contributing to strategic decisions
* Lead with context, not control
* Seek to edit, not write, and edit less over time
* Educate, don’t just inform
Risk taking, experimentation, feedback
* Seek alternatives and think outside the box for ways to improve Aptible, its products, and yourself
* Learn quickly, especially from mistakes
* Are good at making decisions with data
* Use strong intuition to take thoughtful, calculated risks
* Tackle the monkey first
* Know stepping out of your comfort zone is the best way to grow
* Provide, solicit, and welcome feedback, especially tough feedback, because it’s the best way to learn
* Focus on 10x, not 10% optimizations
* Continuously self reflect
* Support team members in calculated risk taking in search of growth, even when resulting in failure
* Support team members in meeting personal and professional growth goals
Show empathy to colleagues and customers
* Care deeply about the success of your colleagues, our customers, and Aptible
* Trust your colleagues to make the right decisions and to request support and feedback when needed
* Seek first to understand
* Adapt your communication style to the needs of those you are communicating to
* Collaborate even when you’re disagreeing (disagree and commit)
* Find solutions that work for customers, not just those that work
* Hear and consider their team members’ suggestions and help solve their problems
* Help team members achieve balance