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Aptible Rituals


As a remote team, setting clear plans and executing against them is critical. We follow a quarterly goal-setting process to try to get to the level of clarity and focus we need to successfully execute.


Aptible works in 2 and 3 week sprints. Sprints have a cadence as well as a number of associated meetings, beginning with Planning and culminating in a Retro.

See Sprint & Project Management for more on our Sprint process.

Regular Team Meetings

Meetings Frequency Purpose
All Hands Every 2 weeks There are three main agenda items for company all hands:
1. Review company strategy/OKRs, and discuss progress towards those OKRs.
2. Show-and-tell of completed sprint Epics/progress
3. Welcoming new team members!
Retro After each sprint 2 days after the end of each sprint, we take 45-60 minutes to review how the sprint went and whether we should adjust anything about how we are working together.
1:1s Every 1-2 weeks Managers use 1:1s as an opportunity to sync with their direct reports on important issues related to work. Though it’s easy to focus on the minutiae of everyday work, the goal of 1:1s is to create protected space for managers and direct reports to share feedback and concerns, focus on personal development, brainstorm, and set new goals. 1:1s should happen no less than once every two weeks, and should be for approximately 30 Minutes each week (or 60 Minutes every other week). The direct report should own the agenda.
Happy Hour Every 2 weeks and ad hoc On weeks we do not have an all hands, generally mid-sprint, and ad hoc, we take 45-60 minutes to meet as a team on Zoom (usually over a coffee or beer) for casual conversation or games (we’ve done trivia and murder mystery)
Onsite 1-2x/year as a company
More frequently for individual teams
When global pandemics aren’t a concern, the team meets all together at least once per year, usually in an interesting location. We use this as an opportunity to connect, work together on meaty topics such as strategic or values-based discussions, and spend some time “away from the desk” by eating at great restaurants and going seeing great sights. Our last Onsite was in Summer 2021 in San Diego, just before Delta became a concern.
Aptible 2021 Onsite in San Diego - On a Boat!

Aptible 2021 Onsite in San Diego - Boat Tour.