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Aptible History

Aptible was founded in 2013 by Chas Ballew and Frank Macreery. By 2014, Aptible had achieved strong product-market fit for its infrastructure platform as a service. Over time, this platform as a service was branded many different names, but most customers know it simply as “Aptible.”

In 2018, Aptible raised a Series A (announced in 2019) from Maverick Ventures and Thrive Capital. At the time, the team and the investors agreed that Aptible should pursue a two-product strategy, and use the new funding to support investment in a nascent GRC platform called “Aptible Comply” (and previously known as Gridiron).

Though Aptible Comply had achieved early traction, true product-market fit proved elusive. Despite focusing most investment in the Comply business, the customer and revenue base for Aptible’s core platform as a service grew significantly.

In late 2021, Aptible spun out the aspects of Comply that were working best into a separate company Conveyor. Chas left Aptible to become the founder of Conveyor, but remains on the Aptible board of directors. The core Aptible team remains focused on its original platform as a service, and is working to extend Aptible’s value proposition to additional cloud infrastructure providers, in addition to its proprietary platform as a service, per our Mission and Strategy.