The GRC Software Buyer's Guide:


When should my organization adopt a smart GRC solution?

There’s a well known but rarely discussed secret in the compliance world: finding and fixing issues often doesn’t happen until it’s time for an audit. In fact, it’s typical to get started collecting evidence and then discover new issues that need to be fixed. 

If you’re continually playing catch-up during the auditing process instead of staying ahead of the game, it’s time for a better way.

Make audits better—forever. Start now.

Comply continuously monitors compliance and captures all the information you need to remediate issues immediately. When you’re preparing for an audit with Comply, you’re not fixing issues or collecting evidence; audits become a matter of showing the work you’ve done, not managing new work.

Don’t wait for your next audit to start automating your compliance and getting ahead of issues and gaps. At Aptible, we’re creating a world in which all companies have access to great information security software so they can focus on their business instead of compliance and can scale faster and more efficiently. 

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