The GRC Software Buyer's Guide:


Reporting is at the heart of any data-driven organization, and being able to track and report effectively on compliance is essential for any worthwhile GRC platform. First, your solution should allow for easy visualization of your entire GRC ecosystem and allow your team instant insight into the health of your entities and modules — from evidence to procedures to controls to audits. 

Reporting is a challenge
Only 47% of chief compliance officers report that their organization has a company-wide reporting system.

At the very least, your solution should include a dashboard that drills down by time range and control. It should track and assess asset changes over time, which simplifies user access reviews and provides instant proof of issue resolution. By drilling down into each control to see more about its evidence and any other details, the platform should allow you to see at a glance where there are nonconformities to manage or tasks to be performed. Easy visualization of GRC compliance on the dashboard should also allow you to identify any gaps at a glance.

5 Questions to Ask about Reporting

  • Does your solution provide a dashboard for easy visualization?
  • Does the dashboard allow for filtering and sorting by time period, control, and compliance gaps?
  • Does your platform allow users to drill down by control into evidence?
  • Does your solution allow for custom reporting templates?
  • Does your system give you visibility into your audit preparation progress?
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