A security audit checklist that takes you from zero to compliance

Design, operate, and audit your information security management program with a process that's fast, relevant, and cost-effective.

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Hundreds of startups use Aptible as their security audit checklist

Our software is used by Fortune 100 companies, which means completing time-consuming vendor security assessments. Gridiron has helped us prepare for ISO 27001 certification, which is helping our team take a 'preemptive strike' against VSAs and shorten the enterprise sales cycle.

Joe Rettenmyer, VP of Engineering

A checklist to go from zero to compliance, built for startups


Fast, as in you’re up-and-running in hours instead of weeks or months. Get audit-ready and get back to growing your business.

Designed for Startups

Instructions, policies, team training, and security management features and services designed specifically for startups looking to open new sales channels or streamline the enterprise sales cycle.


The Gridiron platform delivers more comprehensive audit prep at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. It's priced at about 1/5th the cost of hiring a security lead, and less than most consultants.

Design, operate, and audit your information security management program so you’re ready to achieve compliance certifications or streamline vendor security assessments


Gridiron gives you a baseline set of audit-ready policies and procedures, and asks you straightforward questions that help you tailor them to your startup’s unique needs.


Gridiron guides you on what you need to do to comply with your policies and procedures, and continuously tracks whether you’ve implemented any required changes.


Gridiron provides team, auditor, and customer friendly reporting that helps you track your progress towards compliance.

Step-by-step directions tailored to your startup from zero to audit-ready

Phase 1


Account Manager Introduction
Aptible Overview
Protocol Overview
Protocol Deep-Dive
Phase 2


Account Manager Check-in
Users, Roles, Responsibilities
Asset Management
Security Program and Policy Design
Procedure Design
Customer & Vendor Management
Phase 3


Account Manager Check-in
Secure Software Development
Culture and Security Training
Developer Training
Workforce Training
Incident Response Workshop
Business Continuity Workshop
Security Management
Security Reviews
Risk Management
Phase 4


Statement of Applicability
Gap Assessment
Audit Readiness

Support when you need it

Our certified compliance specialists are standing by, ready to assist as you design, operate, and audit your information security management program.

Preparing for a security audit is a team sport

Gridiron is your personal compliance coach
(and the Aptible team of lawyers and certified compliance specialists is your pinch hitter)