Aptible Features

Web Application Vulnerability Scans

Protect your Aptible-hosted applications from vulnerabilities like Cross-site scripting and SQL Injection with Aptible's fully-managed Web Application Vulnerability Scanning.

Aptible-managed Web Application Vulnerability Scanning

82 percent of vulnerabilities are located in application code. Rest easy knowing your most critical attack surfaces are fully monitored for critical security flaws by Aptible, using state-of-the-art, automated, dynamic web application vulnerability scans, while providing you with shareable reports documenting prioritized vulnerabilities and their associated remediation recommendations by a world-class security engineering team.

Security Readiness dashboard on Aptible



From OWASP Top 10 risks to third-party vulnerable web app components, Aptible provides you with comprehensive application and API vulnerability scans.



Aptible finds previously undiscovered vulnerabilities, including CVE-based vulnerabilities related to web components like JavaScript libraries by using similar techniques that attackers may use against your application.


Works With Your Existing CI/CD Pipeline

Integrate dynamic application security testing into your build and deployment process, allowing you to automate your entire testing process and ensuring only clean, safe code gets to production


Shareable Evidence Reports

Aptible generates comprehensive monthly reports that outline the types of scans performed on your web application, the methodology used to identify security flaws, and catalogs critical vulnerabilities found. These reports can be used for record-keeping and quickly passing compliance audits