Aptible Features

Network Intrusion Detection
and Incident Response

Protect against suspicious and malicious network activity to and from your hosted apps and databases using Aptible Network Intrusion Detection

Aptible-managed Network Intrusion Detection

Use Aptible Network Intrusion Detection and Protection service to continuously monitor network activity of your hosted environment, analyzing traffic across your Docker containers using ML-based security analytics tools that are capable of detecting variety of threats. Aptible will work with your engineering team to remediate issues and ensure that your applications and databases have the highest level of security and reliability.

Security Readiness dashboard on Aptible


Continuous Network Flow Scanning

Aptible continuously monitors VPC flow logs emanating from hosted Aptible containers, and through endpoints exposing them, for any malicious or suspicious activity based on up-to-date threat intelligence feeds from AWS, CrowdStrike, and Proofpoint. Continuous monitoring is done using machine -learning-and-behavior-model enabled tools, which are actively triaged by a dedicated Aptible security engineer each week


Concierge Incident Response

A security engineer from Aptible will be responsible for analyzing and cataloging all findings from continuous network scans enabled on your account every week. Critical vulnerabilities are prioritized each week when detected. In the event of any critical vulnerability, our team will collaborate with yours on remediation if needed.


Network Protection Compliance Reports

A compliance friendly report is generated every month outlining the scope of the network scans, findings and their respective criticality as it pertains to a customer’s account, and any remediation efforts that were undergone to fix them.