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Aptible Enclave is a container platform that simplifies secure deployment and development best practices. Unlike using IaaS directly, Enclave is turnkey for regulated apps, and includes robust DevOps and security automation.

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The Enclave Deployment Platform for Healthcare Innovators

Deploy Docker containers into secure, isolated, HIPAA-ready environments.

$ aptible apps:create healthco-on-rails
INFO: Authorizing...
INFO: healthco-on-rails created successfully.
$ git remote add aptible
$ git push aptible master
remote: (8ミ | INFO: Authorizing...
remote: (8ミ | INFO: Deploy succeeded.
$ aptible logs --app healthco-on-rails
Connected to logs from log-tail-feelsgoodman
2016-10-01T16:39:17.720Z [healthco-on-rails-web] => Booting WEBrick
2016-10-01T16:39:17.722Z [healthco-on-rails-web] => Rails application starting in production on
2016-10-01T16:39:18.364Z [healthco-on-rails-web] => Run `rails server -h` for more startup options
2016-10-01T16:39:19.761Z [healthco-on-rails-web] => Ctrl-C to shutdown server

Meet the Enclave Deployment Platform

Create and configure apps and databases directly from the Aptible Toolbelt
Simply "git push" for a zero-downtime deployment
Stream app logs directly to your console
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Enclave Features

Network Isolation

In an Aptible dedicated environment, the entire infrastructure is deployed in your own private VPC: app containers, databases, load balancers — even the internal Aptible services necessary to deliver platform functionality. None of these resources are shared with other Aptible customers.

Managed Databases

Aptible supports 7 different database technologies: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, CouchDB and RabbitMQ. If you need a new database container, just click a button! We support replication/clustering for PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB and Redis.

Database Encryption

Every Aptible Managed Database is encrypted at rest using AES-192 encryption and with a unique key per database. For all databases that natively support SSL, Aptible enforces encryption in transit — so you can be sure your records are safe, no matter how your apps are configured.

Encrypted Backups

Databases are automatically backed up every 24 hours, and each backup is replicated across 2 AWS regions. Additional backups can be triggered on- demand any time. You can easily restore from any backup using the Aptible CLI.

HTTPS Endpoints

Don't panic the next time an OpenSSL vulnerability is announced. On Aptible, all web traffic goes through Aptible HTTPS Endpoints, which securely balance traffic across your apps' containers. You can bring a custom SSL certificate or choose a Managed HTTPS Endpoint, leaving certificate procurement and renewal to us.

Scaling and High Availability

If you've deployed an app on Aptible, you've already done all the work necessary to support horizontal and vertical scaling. You choose the size of each container, as well as the number of containers necessary to run your app. We take care of scaling your containers across Availability Zones with zero downtime.

Remote Access

Aptible makes it easy for privileged users to access apps and databases from outside the Aptible network. Using the Aptible CLI, users can launch an SSH session against any app, or create a tunnel to any database. Every SSH session and tunnel gets recorded in a permanent audit log that can be reviewed on the Aptible Dashboard.

Container Metrics

Every Aptible app and database container comes with built-in Container Metrics, allowing you to track a container's RAM usage, load, disk I/O and disk usage over time. These metrics are charted for you on the Aptible Dashboard, and can be used to augment app monitoring services like New Relic.

VPN and VPC Peering

Working with regulated data often means interfacing with legacy systems and networks. Aptible offers Managed VPN Connections to make it easy to bridge a modern Aptible deployment to an on-premise or non-AWS environment. We also support peering with an existing AWS VPC at no additional charge.

Log Management

Aptible manages the collection and delivery of your apps' logs to any number of log destinations you choose. We support Syslog, HTTPS and Elasticsearch Log Drains. With our CLI, you can even stream logs to your terminal in real time.

Two-factor Authentication

Compromised credentials are one of the biggest threats to data security for modern web companies. That's why Aptible makes it easy to enforce two-factor authentication for all access to the Aptible platform, whether from the Dashboard or the CLI.

Role-based Access Controls

Define as many roles as you need to represent your company's functional roles and privilege requirements. Segment your apps and databases into separate logical environments and restrict access separately on each environment. There's no charge for additional roles or environments.

Getting Started with Enclave

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