Deploy audit-ready apps and dbs

Deploy and scale using a developer workflow you’ll love. Enclave automatically implements the security controls you need to achieve regulatory compliance, pass customer audits, and achieve compliance with HIPAA, ISO 27001, SOC 2, HITRUST and more.

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Don't sacrifice usability for security and compliance

Compliance tools often artificially limit developer access to resources and tools in the name of “security.” Enclave is designed to provide you with the access and DevOps tools you need while still automatically implementing security controls.

Twelve-Factor App Deployment
Enclave is a mature, twelve-factor app deployment platform, with security and compliance features built-in. It will fit right in with your existing developer workflow.
Platform as a Service for Dockerized Apps
Enclave provisions a VPC on your behalf and hosts your Docker containers and databases within it. You can run any code on Enclave that runs inside a Docker container, the standard and most widely-used software container platform.
Automated Regulatory Compliance and Customer Audits
Deploying in regulated industries means your entire security and compliance program should be in place from day 1. Enclave automatically implements security controls including data encryption, backup and restore procedures, audit logging, and more, so you can pass regulatory and customer audits while you focus on building your app.

Enclave automates security controls

Deploy Your First App Now

Enclave empowers you to deploy and scale Dockerized apps and databases--all without speaking to sales or support

$ aptible apps:create healthco-on-rails
INFO -- : Deploying with git commit: 809ab9581cf04f6080ada3d7d7ab133f275dc36a
INFO -- : Building app image from Dockerfile...
INFO -- : Step 0 : FROM quay.io/aptible/ruby:ruby-2.2
INFO -- : Pulling from quay.io/aptible/ruby
INFO -- : Step 1 : RUN apt-get update && apt-get -y install libpq-dev libcurl3-dev

Container Orchestration and DevOps Automation

Enclave helps you automate your DevOps work as it implements the security controls you need to deploy in regulated industries

App Deployment
Deploy apps according to industry best practices: zero-downtime deployments, distribution across multiple availability zones, and horizontal and vertical scaling.