How do I register a new Aptible Comply organization?

Welcome to Aptible! We’re committed to helping you build trust on the internet, and can’t wait to get started! Your first step will be to create a new Aptible Comply organization. To do so, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Head to the registration page at and register by filling out the form before clicking the green “Create Account” button.

    Screenshot of Aptible Comply sign up form

  2. You’ll receive a verification email at the email address you registered with. Follow the link to activate your account.

    Screenshot of Aptible Comply email verification request URL

  3. Click to create a new Aptible Comply organization and enter the name of the organization on the following screen.

    Screenshot of Aptible Comply join or create an organization message

  4. The last piece of information we’ll need from you is your payment information. Click on the green “Payment details” link to be taken to your billing settings page. Follow the prompts to add a form of payment. If connecting a bank account directly through ACH, we’ll send a couple of test deposits to verify the account.

    Screenshot of Aptible Comply wait for account activation screen

  5. After payment details are entered, Aptible will work to finalize the setup of your new organization on Aptible Comply and let you know by email upon completion.

  6. Once activated, you’ll be able to log in and start inviting new users and designing your Security Management Program (or “ISMS”).