Database Backups

Backup Schedule

Enclave backs up your Databases automatically every 24 hours. You can also create ad-hoc backups yourself using the aptible db:backup command, or the Dashboard.

Restoring from a Backup

You can restore from a Backup using the aptible backup:restore command.


Restoring a Backup creates a new Database from the backed up data. It does not replace or modify the Database the Backup was originally created from in any way.


For disaster recovery purposes, Enclave Backups are copied to 2 geographically redundant regions. For example, if your database is deployed on the US East coast, then backups will be copied to the US West Coast.


Data processing and storage is guaranteed to occur only within the US for US Stacks, and is guaranteed to occur only in the EU for EU stacks.

See Dedicated Stacks for more information on Stack placement.