Migrating from Dockerfile Deploy

If you are currently using Dockerfile Deploy and would like to migrate to a Direct Docker Image deploy, just use aptible deploy as documented in Using aptible deploy.

If your app’s git repository contains a Dockerfile, it will be ignored going forward.

However, note that the following files will not be ignored:

  • Procfile (see: Procfiles).
  • .aptible.yml (see: ref:aptible_yml).

To ignore those as well, you can add the --git-detach option when running aptible deploy. This will cause Enclave to ignore your git repository completely.

That said, you’ll probably want to continue using your existing Procfile and .aptible.yml files in some way. To that end, you can embed the files in your Docker image directly. For instructions on how to proceed, review Procfiles and .aptible.yml with Direct Docker Image Deploy.

If you embed the files in your Docker Image as described in this article, they’ll take precedence over the ones from your Git repository, but you can ignore the Git repository altogether by deploying with --git-detach as explained earlier.