Custom Domain

Using a Custom Domain with an Endpoint, you can send traffic from your own domain to your Apps running on Enclave.

Endpoint Hostname

When you set up an Endpoint using a Custom Domain, Enclave will provide you with an Endpoint Hostname of the form

You should not send traffic directly to the Endpoint Hostname. Instead, to finish setting up your Endpoint, create a CNAME from your own domain to the Endpoint Hostname.


The following things are not Endpoint Hostnames:

  • this is your Custom Domain.
  • this is a Default Domain.

In constrast, this is is an Endpoint Hostname:



Do not create a DNS A record mapping directly to the IP addresses for an Enclave Endpoint, or use the Endpoint IP addresses directly: those IP addresses change periodically, so your records and configuration would eventually go stale.


You can’t create a CNAME for a domain apex (i.e. you can create a CNAME from, but you can’t create one from

If you’d like to point your domain apex at an Enclave Endpoint, review the instructions here: How do I use my domain apex with Enclave?.

SSL / TLS Certificate

For Endpoints that require SSL / TLS Certificates, you have two options:

  • Bring your own Custom Certificate: in this case, you’re responsible for making sure the certificate you use is valid for the domain name you’re using.
  • Use Managed TLS: in this case, you’ll have to provide Enclave with the domain name you plan to use, and Enclave will take care of certificate provisioning and renewal for you.