Shared Stacks vs. Dedicated Stacks

Aptible Deploy Stacks come in two flavors:


The flavor of Stack you have access to depends on your plan. Review our Pricing Page for more detail.

Shared Stacks


Do not use Shared Stacks to host sensitive or regulated data.

Shared Stacks are shared across a number of customers. They are meant for dev, test and staging environments.

Dedicated Stacks


Dedicated Stacks are historically known as “PHI-Ready” Stacks.

Dedicated Stacks are dedicated to a single customer. They are meant for production environments.

Geographical Placement

If your plan includes a Dedicated Stack, you can request to have that Stack deployed in a specific geographical area. To do so, just let Aptible Support know where you’d like to be located.

Aptible Deploy is available in a number of AWS regions, and Aptible Support will let you know which supported region is closest to what you requested.

Additional Dedicated Stacks

Production-ready Aptible Deploy plans include a single Dedicated Stack, but if you’d like more than one Dedicated Stack, that can be set up.

Contact Aptible Support for pricing.