When editing Policies and Procedures, Aptible Comply supports the following markup:

Markdown formatting

You can use Markdown to add styling to your content. For example:

**this is bold**
_this is italics_

- this
- is
- a
- list

Note that in Markdown, you need two linebreaks to separate out paragraphs, like so:

A paragraph.
Still the same paragraph.

Now, another paragraph.


Aptible Comply provides support for Markdown tables.

However, we recommend using an online editor for those. To do so, copy the Markdown table’s source over to the online editor and import it, make changes there, then export it, and copy it back into Aptible Comply. Indeed, Markdown tables can be quite finicky to edit inline!


Aptible Comply supports creating cross-references to other statements in your ISMS. When rendering your ISMS, this will automatically create links for you.

The format to create cross-references is {{ designation }}.

To obtain a statement’s designation, click the edit button next to it in the browser. Instructions for how to create references to this statement will be provided there.