Getting Started

Out of the box, Aptible Comply provides you with an initial set of policies and procedures that are mapped to the protocol you are targeting. Aptible Comply also includes supporting materials such as templates activities you need to perform as part of the operation of your ISMS (to learn more about those, review External Documents).

As a user of Aptible Comply, your role will be to customize the policies and procedures you were provided with, and make changes to your organization as necessary to conform to these new policies and procedures.

As a tool, Aptible Comply guides you through those steps you need to perform, and provides you with an up-to-date assessment of your status as well as comprehensive reports of how you measure up against the Protocols you are targeting. This functionality is primarily provided through Gridiron Aptible Comply’s Assessors.

In addition, Aptible Comply allows you to version control and distribute your Security Management Program (or “ISMS”) throughout your organization.