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Aptible Comply Workflows automates the management of your company’s security. With Workflows, Aptible Comply becomes the single source of truth for security within your organization, keeping track of everything you have to do to maintain compliance (and stay secure).

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Workflows turns your Security Management program into Actions...

Pre-built Security Processes
Pre-built Security Processes

Aptible Comply Workflows gives you audit-ready processes that make it easy to ensure your company is following your security policies. Each pre-built Workflow meets the requirements of your targeted frameworks by mapping your actions back to your policies and their underlying controls.


Aptible Comply Workflows maps requirements to tasks with easy to understand timelines and triggers as well as a master dashboard that every employee can access to learn exactly what activities they need to complete.

Automated Follow-up
Automated Follow-up

Aptible Comply Workflows measures all security and compliance related activities so you can see what needs to be done, what is being done, and report on security progress quickly and easily.


Turn compliance requirements into discrete, assignable tasks with owners and deadlines, providing to dos that can be configured and are automatically delegated to your team members, who get notified of what they need to do.

...so that you can Build Trust and Pass Audits.

Streamline Audits
Streamline Audits

Aptible Comply Workflows showcases the responsibility and consistency with which your team is handling security, creating documentation that puts all of your security and compliance related activities on a silver platter for your auditor, ensuring you pass every audit with flying colors.

Build Trust with your Customers
Build Trust with your Customers

Aptible Comply Workflows turns everything that should happen around security into a Workflow that’s automatically initiated and tracked, giving customers visibility into your security progress, making it easy to build trust with stakeholders.

Single Source of Truth
Single Source of Truth

Aptible Comply Workflows is your single source of truth around your compliance efforts, tracking all of your security and compliance activities and giving you a place to point stakeholders and your team to get everyone aligned.

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

Aptible Workflows keeps track of your compliance efforts for you so that you don’t worry about remembering to complete ad hoc, manual processes or reminding team members of their responsibilities. You know that everything is being done to keep your company in compliance at all times.

How it works


We give you the “instruction manual” for what needs to be done to satisfy the requirements of your targeted frameworks. Each Workflow is mapped cleanly to your policies out of the box, and you can make customizations as needed.


As events are triggered, the “instruction manual” for that event kicks off the activities necessary to satisfy the appropriate policies.


The team responsible for completing the activities will receive an email notifying them that there is work to be completed. By logging into the app, they can see what needs to be done along with specific instructions.


The required activity is tracked and the assigned team member can mark it as complete, creating an audit-ready log of what’s been done.

Who Uses Comply?

Small companies, operating in the cloud, who need to prove their security and compliance, whose deals are held up by Vendor Security Assessments; and/or who must comply with regulations like HIPAA/GDPR to go to market.

Cloud-native Companies

Small companies operating in the cloud.

That collect customer data

New regulations like GDPR make it a company's responsibility to protect nearly any personal data it collects.

And want to go Beyond Compliance

Showing customers you’re investing in security increases conversion rate and decreases your sales cycle, especially with the enterprise.



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“We want our end users to know we take security integrity very seriously. With Aptible, we were able to secure our SOC 2 audit very quickly and we have a fleshed out plan for Security Management”

Fortmatic used Aptible Comply to build their Security Management program and secure their SOC 2 audit in a fraction of the time.

Arthur Jen, Co-Founder

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“Our team couldn’t relate to what we had pieced together. We needed something that was tailored to us. Aptible gave us that.”

Able Health chose Aptible to ensure HIPAA compliance and meet the highest standards for security and privacy for their customers.

Steve Daniels, Co-founder and President

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“Our software is used by Fortune 100 companies, which means completing time-consuming vendor security assessments. Comply has helped us prepare for ISO 27001 certification, which is helping our team take a 'preemptive strike' against VSAs and shorten the enterprise sales cycle.”

Joe Rettenmyer, VP of Engineering





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