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Support Standards

Aptible Comply Support

Aptible’s mission is to help your team build trust on the Internet. To best support your team in that effort during on-boarding and beyond, we have broken down how the Aptible Customer Success Teams can be of service to your team.

Who is supporting you at Aptible?
  • Customer Success Manager (CSM)⁠—paired with your company as soon as you sign on, the CSM will be with you for the life of the relationship. Guiding you through onboarding, answering system/renewal/general Aptible questions, understanding your goals as a company, upgrading you to new tools/offerings, and making sure you receive value are just some of your CSM’s responsibilities.
  • Data Protection Advisors (DPA)—during onboarding, you will work closely with our DPAs, who have data privacy, security and compliance backgrounds in the protocols we support. Questions related to any of the content in Comply is best suited for them and your CSM will help coordinate calls and emails for assistance.
  • Product/Marketing Liaisons—this team is in place to understand feedback you have on the product and work it into our future roadmaps. They won’t join every meeting, but they will be in touch with new feature offerings, for product webinars and to understand where the product can provide more value.
  • Deploy Support Team—if you are a Deploy customer in addition to Comply, our Customer and Service Reliability Engineers can help—catch them at support@aptible.com.
How can I get in touch with the Aptible team and what type of response time can I expect?

We aim to support and communicate with customers using our customers’ preferred modes of communication. The details below outline reliable ways to get in touch with us, as well as anticipated response times for each support method.

Method of Support*Intended PartyStandard Response TimeIdeal Use ScenarioExamples
Check In CallsDPA or CSMLive, 30 minute call with your CSM and a DPA. These are offered weekly for the first four weeks of onboarding (though can be canceled at your discretion).Larger scale questions during onboarding related to designing or operating your ISMS or that will warrant a discussion.How can I implement this control at my company?
What is the audit process like?
Drift Chat (in Comply)DPA24 Hours (or end of next business day if on weekends)Non-urgent questions regarding designing or operating your ISMS, typically when onboarding to Comply.What does “MDM” stand for?
How can I copy this template?
ZenDesk Ticket support@aptible.comDPA or CSM2 Business DaysNon-urgent questions that can be addressed asynchronously.Can you send me my most recent contract?
Can you recommend an ISO 27001 auditor?
Direct EmailDPA or CSM2 Business Days (or sooner, if deemed urgent by Aptible)All questions —particularly urgent ones—are welcomed via direct email. Also ideal for questions that can be answered asynchronously.When is my renewal date?
Can we set up a call?
How can I add a new user?

*Note—we will ultimately respond to you if you contact us via any of these methods, however, please note the standard response time on each. Some questions/issues may vary depending on the responder’s current workload and schedule.

What is included in ‘standard Comply Support’?

This includes weekly support (up to thirty minutes per week of live check-ins or meetings) during the first four weeks of onboarding.

Whether you are a new customer going through onboarding or have been using Aptible for years, we encourage you to connect with us with support@aptible.com or via email. Please note our standard response times (outlined above) and reach out to your CSM if you have issues or concerns.

What if I have a tight deadline?

Our goal is to support you based on the deadline you provide us during kickoff, but we ask you to keep in mind that we are supporting other incoming requests, business initiatives, and customer questions, so we will need to schedule accordingly if your deadline requires more than our standard support levels.

What if I need more support than your standard?

Talk to your Account Executive or CSM on our additional support packages.