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Sell faster and smarter with compliance datarooms

Aptible Comply Rooms is a free dataroom solution for B2B SaaS teams who need to close deals quicker by delivering confidential security documentation to customers more efficiently.

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Without Comply

The challenge of building trust and sharing security documentation in B2B SaaS

Companies that pursue compliance programs like SOC 2 and ISO 27001 need to distribute that documentation to their sales prospects in a secure, confidential way.

Distribution processes like getting an NDA in place, watermarking reports, and creating an audit record of distribution are fragmented across sales, security, legal, and customer success, and systems like Docusign, email, Jira, and Salesforce.

Each manual step needed to fulfill a request slows down the sales cycle.

Waiting on manual work across systems and tools

Waiting on other team members to do things like answer support tickets, sign NDAs, and watermark SOC 2 reports.

Every customer request is slowed down by the need to be answered, recorded, relayed and fulfilled by a team member.

Passing NDAs and watermarked reports back and forth between sales, security, legal, and engineering.

Working across multiple, fragmented systems like email, spreadsheets, Jira tickets, Salesforce, DocusSign etc to get info to prospects.

No Engagement Metrics

There are no metrics around engagement. You don’t have any visibility into how your compliance program is affecting your business at the customer or deal level.

Don’t let security documentation requests slow deals down.

It takes 10 steps to
fulfill a documentation request…
  1. The prospect requests a document
  2. Sales requests documentation through Salesforce
  3. The request kicks off an email that notifies the legal team
  4. The legal team loads the info into DocuSign and sends it to sales
  5. Sales sends Docusign link back to customer with NDA
  6. Customer signs NDA and sends to sales who then sends it to legal
  7. A Jira ticket is opened to have the document watermarked
  8. The watermarked document is sent to sales
  9. Sales sends the document to the prospect
  10. The prospect reviews the document

Or you can use Aptible and skip all of these steps.

Use compliance to sell faster

Aptible Comply gives customers a self-service portal where they can sign an NDA and view or download the documents normally requested in the buying process.

Comply eliminates deal delays introduced by waiting on sales, security, legal, and engineering to create and answer Jira tickets, sign NDAs, and watermark reports.

Automated e-signing of NDAs, report watermarking, document versioning, and update pushes simplify the distribution process.

Give customers the ability to instantly access the confidential security documentation they need to buy your service.

Streamline the manual processes of providing security documentation. Eliminate the back and forth between security, legal, and sales. Save your team a ton of time and close deals faster.

Secure Self-Serve Access

Get your security and compliance documents into prospects’ hands quicker without sacrificing security

Clickwrap or DocuSign NDAs

Customers can sign the NDA right in the Room so that sales isn’t slowed down by security processes

Automatic Watermark

Each document is automatically watermarked upon download, preventing engineering interruptions

Document Audit Log

Record every authorization and access of your docs

Document Management

Upload, Password Protect, Version, and Tag your documents

Push Updates to Customers

Streamline renewals by pushing compliance updates to customers

Invite Sales Prospects

Easily invite from Salesforce. Share your documentation with prospects with a single click

Use compliance to sell smarter

Aptible Comply gives you analytics that track which documents your customers and prospects are viewing and downloading so you can understand how your compliance program is affecting your business at the customer and deal level.

Leverage tracking and analytics to understand engagement from your customers and prospects.

See what parts of your security posture your customers value.

Analytics Dashboard

See which of your customers is engaging with your security documentation

Gain insight into which security documents are most viewed/downloaded

Activity Feed

See document uploads, downloads, version changes, and room visits in one place

Build Customer Trust

Start eliminating the manual work of security and compliance now.

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