Unify your compliance policies and procedures

Connecting your data security program to the requirements of compliance frameworks has never been easier. Comply provides interconnected objects so you can map all of content together.

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Manage your entire ISMS

Frameworks, requirements, controls, policies, and procedures are all first-class entities within Comply that are easily linked together. The policy manual gives you a single pane to see how all of these entities work together to make managing compliance easier.

Cross-mapped across frameworks

Test once and use everywhere with controls that are cross-mapped to requirements across frameworks.

Easy implementation

Procedures are one-time, recurring, or asset-based tickets that are mapped to controls to simplify control implementation.

Powerful reporting

Evidence performance charts allow you to continuously monitor and manage compliance by framework or control.

"What I really wanted at QuadPay, where security is of tantamount importance, was to have something that was comprehensive, followed best practices, and could actually be implemented across an organization at scale."

- Ian Yamey, CTO, QuadPay