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Aptible Comply

Compliance monitoring & automation

Beyond GRC
Beyond Spreadsheets

Eliminate the manual work needed to comply with SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, and more.

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“In past roles, I had to manually do what Comply does. It standardizes so much of the process of operating a security management program. My team stays on the same page and saves a lot of work.”
Without Comply

The challenge of operating a security program in B2B SaaS

The proliferation of data collected and systems used by every B2B SaaS company introduces challenges in organizing, managing, and scaling security and compliance workflows.

Data Everywhere

Today, companies rely on an ever-growing stack of SaaS vendors. With cloud infrastructure, you don't use one server, but hundreds or thousands.

Actually keeping track of the compliance status of each asset, device, and person is an exercise in frustration.

Manual Work

The list of manual compliance checks is never-ending: Access control reviews, 2FA enrollment status, MDM configuration, branch protection…

These compliance checks happen ad hoc, across spreadsheets, calendar invites, and project management tools. You know you still make mistakes, despite spending hours trying to keep up.

Lack of Control

Your organization moves fast. Marketing and sales seem to adopt new tools almost every day, and your engineering team is creating new repos and launching new services regularly.

As your company changes, you're forced to choose between adding a layer of security overhead that slows growth -or- risk being unaware of changes in security posture.

With Comply

Automate compliance workflows across your entire team

Aptible Comply integrates with your entire stack to monitor for security configurations and changes, giving you visibility into your compliance status and control across your security program.

ISO-badgeISO 27001
SOC-badgeSOC 2 Type 2

Bring the compliance status of all your people, devices, assets, and vendors into one place through integrations with all of your SaaS services.


Continuously monitor the compliance status of every asset, eliminating much of the manual work of compliance. Prevent mistakes, missed checks, and automate evidence collection.


Gain visibility into your security posture and control over your compliance.

Plan and manage all of your compliance work across your team. Schedule recurring processes, delegate work across your team, and track workflow completion.


Integrate with all of your SaaS services to build a single picture of your compliance program, data, and assets.

Continuously update your inventory of People, Devices, Assets, Vendors, and Data


Automate evidence collection and prevent mistakes by monitoring SaaS services for security configurations and changes

Monitor security configuration like access controls and 2FA enrollment status across your SaaS apps


Gain visibility into your compliance status and control across your security program

Who Uses Comply?

B2B SaaS companies that have recognized the importance of investing in security and compliance, especially to build trust with their own customers.

After attempting to run a compliance program using the current "state of the art" (spreadsheets and disconnected point solutions), customers turn to Aptible Comply to get a unified view of compliance, to automate much of the manual work, and control compliance activity.

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“Had we not purchased Aptible Comply, we would have been left with a slew of spreadsheets, online tools, and templates but without a truly scalable solution.”

Claude Calegari, VP of Operations and Finance








Start eliminating the manual work of security and compliance now.

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