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HITRUST CSF Certification

Download the Aptible HITRUST CSF Standalone Certification Letter

What is the HITRUST CSF?

The HITRUST Common Security Framework (CSF) Certification is a compliance framework based on ISO/IEC 27001 and integrates HIPAA, HITECH, and a variety of other state, local, and industry frameworks and best practices This certification is awarded when an independent assessor finds that an organization has achieved certain maturity levels on implementation all of the required HITRUST CSF controls.

To learn more about HITRUST and Aptible’s HITRUST Certification, check out this post on our blog.

How does HITRUST CSF Certification help you as an Aptible customer?

As an Aptible customer, these assurance programs give you peace of mind that Aptible is managed according to industry best practices, and that your data and computing architecture is safe and private. You can use Aptible’s certifications and audit reports to show your own customers and stakeholders that your cloud stack meets stringent requirements for data protection.

How can Aptible help you with your own HITRUST CSF Certification?

If your own customers or stakeholders demand HITRUST CSF Certification, you can leverage Aptible’s compliance programs to make your own certification process faster, easier, and less costly.

If you are a B2B SaaS company, using Aptible is the fastest way to fly through vendor security assessment, risk questionnaires, and other steps in the B2B sales process. Your customers will accept our certifications as evidence that your Aptible architecture is managed according to the most stringent security best practices.

If you are interested in HITRUST Inheritance, please let us know.