Today, we’re excited to announce a new Jira integration that will help make evidence collection and collaboration with teammates radically easier and faster for Aptible Comply customers. One of our most popular roadmap requests, Comply tickets and tasks can be managed in Jira, with status, assignee, and other ticket properties available in Comply governance dashboards.

Before today, compliance teams had to manually create every ticket in Jira, constantly check on the progress, and once completed copy/paste the information back into Comply for reference. With the Jira integration compliance teams can now use Comply to manage everything. When a ticket is created in Comply it is automatically created in Jira, progress is synced back when a change happens, and the information in Comply includes the ticket link for evidence collection. Compliance teams no longer need to switch back-and-forth between tools to collaborate and complete their work.

Simplified Collaboration

Compliance teams shouldn’t be spending their days managing tasks across many tools. Using the Jira integration in Comply, compliance teams now have one tool that automatically syncs with the tools that other departments use so they can focus on getting work done, not managing it.

  • Create tickets - When a task needs engineering collaboration the compliance team can create a ticket in Comply. This also creates a ticket in Jira with all the information needed to complete the task and enables tickets to be assigned to people not in Comply.
  • Assign tickets - Assign tickets to users in Jira, even if they aren’t Comply users. Simply specify an assignee and set the ticket destination to a Jira project and Comply will do its best to find that user in Jira and assign the ticket to them.
  • Monitor progress - When a ticket created in Comply is marked as Done in Jira it’s synced back as Closed in Comply.

Now, compliance teams can automate the process of making requests to other teams and see their completion right from within Comply.

Single Source of Truth

Comply is the single source of truth for compliance teams. Create tickets that are one-time, recurring, or events based and have them automatically get created in Jira as well. Comply also makes audits easier by storing a timestamp of every status change and a link to go directly to the ticket for evidence.

Get Started

The Jira integration is available starting today. For additional information review the Jira integration documentation. If you’d like to add Jira to your plan or get started with Comply, contact us.

Comply is already integrated with Okta, GSuite, Github, and other common services for asset management. Jira is the first integration intended to improve the workflow of compliance teams and it’s just the first with more to come. If you have integration feedback or requests please share your thoughts with us.